The neck is very muscular and long enough to give a balanced, elegant appearance. The Canaan Dog is a square dog. His height, measured from the withers to the ground, should equal his length of body, measured from point of shoulder to point of buttocks. The topline inclines very slightly downward from well-developed withers to a level back. A sloping topline must be faulted. The back is well-muscled with a short, strong loin. The ribs are well sprung out from the spine. The chest is deep and moderately broad. When viewed from the side, the lowest point of the chest is immediately behind the foreleg. The forechest should extend in a shallow oval shape in front of the forelegs. The belly is well tucked up. The croup is short and relatively level.

The neck is muscular, of medium length. The body is
square, withers well developed, back level, loins muscular, chest deep and of moderate breadth, ribs well sprung. Belly well tucked up. Moderate angulation. Balance is essential.

Neck--well arched. Balance to body and head and free from throatiness. Topline--Level with slight arch over the loins. Body--Strong, displaying athletic agility and trimness. Chest--Moderately broad and deep, extending to the elbows, with well-sprung ribs. Loin--Well-tucked up. Short, muscled flanks.

A properly square dog

Long Bodied Dogs

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