The Canaan Dog has a double coat. The outer coat consists of straight, dense, harsh-textured short-to-medium length hair. The undercoat is close-fining, dense, profuse, and downy in texture. The neck is well-furnished with hair, which forms a protective ruff blending into the apron. The buttocks are lightly feathered and the tail is well-furred. Correct coat is essential to survival in the desert so an incorrect coat, including the absence of undercoat, is a serious fault.

Outer coat dense, harsh and straight, of short to medium length. Undercoat close and profuse.

Double coat. Outer coat-straight, harsh, flat-lying, with slight ruff. Ruff more pronounced on males. Length of outer coat ½ to 1½ inch; longer on ruff and back of thighs, shorter on body, legs and head. Undercoat--straight, soft, short, flat-lying, density varying with climate. Tail bushy, increasing in plumage from set to end of bones, then tapering to pointed tip. Faults--Excessively long guard coat that masks the clean outline of the dog. Any trimming that alters the natural appearance of the dog.

Rough coats

Good Coat

This dog has a correct double coat

Lacks undercoat

This dog lacks undercoat

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