The ears are relatively short and broad, prick, and set low. The ears are slightly rounded at the tips and point slightly outward although they can be drawn nearly upright when the dog is alert. The ears are mobile and react sensitively to sounds. Ears should be fully erect by the time a dog is one year of age.

Erect, relatively short and broad, slightly rounded at the tip and set low.

Erect, medium to large, set moderately low, broad at the base, tapering to a very slightly rounded tip. Ears angled very slightly forward when excited. A straight line from the inner corner of the ear to the tip of the nose should just touch the inner corner of the eye and a line drawn from the tip of the ear to the tip of the nose should just touch the outer corner of the eye. Ear motion contributes to expression and clearly defines the mood of the dog. Major Fault--In the adult dog, other than erect ears.

Large ears
Ears too large and a little too upright

Perfect ear set

Beautiful ear set

Poor ear set


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