The shoulders are moderately laid back and muscular. The scapula and the upper arm form an angle of about 110 degrees. When standing, a line dropped from the highest point of the withers would pass just behind the forelegs. The muscles of the upper leg are firm and well-developed. The forelegs are straight, with strong, moderately short, very slightly sloping pasterns, and moderate bone. The shoulder blade and the upper arm are roughly equal in length. The upper arm lies close to the ribs but is still very mobile, with the elbow moving close to the body. The feet are of medium size, strong, round and cat-like, with hard pads. Nails are strong and hard. Dewclaws may be removed.

The shoulder should be oblique and muscular, elbows close to the body. Forelegs perfectly straight. Strong, round and catlike with hard pads.

Shoulders moderately angulated. Legs straight. Pasterns flexible with very slight slope when viewed from the side. Dewclaws may be removed. Feet--Catlike, pads hard, pigmentation harmonizing with nose and eye rims. Nails strong, hard, pigmentation harmonizing with either nose and eye rims or coat.

Excellent Front

Excellent front

Straight front

This relatively straight front is out of balance with the slightly over-angulated rear.


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