The head is a well-proportioned, wedge shape that is moderately broad between the ears and tapers evenly toward the muzzle. Head length is approximately twice the width of the skull. Males should look powerfully masculine without coarseness and bitches should look feminine without over-refinement. From the front, the sides of the wedge taper evenly from the ears to a full muzzle, without prominent cheeks or a pinched muzzle. When viewed from the side, the skull and muzzle are parallel to one another and joined by a shallow but definite stop.
The skull is moderately broad between the ears and tapers toward the muzzle. At its broadest point, the width of the skull should be approximately equal to its length. The low set of the ears makes the skull appear broader than it is. A disproportionately narrow skull is to be penalized. Viewed from the side, the topline of the skull is slightly flattened.
The length of the muzzle, measured from stop to the end of the nose, is equal to the length of the skull, measured from occiput to stop. The jaw is strong and the muzzle is full and well-filled in under the eyes. When viewed from the side, the line at the underjaw is almost parallel to the top line of the muzzle. Lips are black and tightly closed.
The Canaan Dog has a complete set of qood-size, evenly spaced, white teeth meeting in a scissors or level bite.
The nose is solid black. In some light-colored dogs, the pigment of the nose may fade somewhat during the winter months. This is not desirable but should not be severely penalized. In profile, the nose is on the same line as the top of the muzzle and extends somewhat beyond the lower jaw.
The eyes are of medium size, almond-shaped, and set slightly obliquely. Dark brown eyes are strongly preferred. Lighter eyes are less desirable and the lighter the eye, the more serious the fault. Hazel or yellow eyes are serious faults. Dark eye rims are essential.

Well proportioned, blunt wedge shape of medium length, appearing broader due to low set ears. Skull somewhat flattened. Some width allowed in powerful male heads. Stop shallow but defined. Muzzle sturdy, of moderate length and breadth. Jaws should be strong. Lips tight. Nose black.
Dark brown, slightly slanted, almond shaped. Dark rims essential.
Full dentition with scissors or level bite.

Elongated, the length exceeding the breadth and depth considerably. Wedge-shaped, when viewed from above. Slightly arched when viewed from the side, tapering to stop. The region of the forehead is of medium width, but appearing broader through ears set low to complete an alert expression, with a slight furrow between the eyes. Expression--Alert, watchful and inquisitive. Dignified. Eyes--Dark, almond-shaped, slightly slanted. Varying shades of hazel with liver-pointed dogs. Eye rims darkly pigmented or of varying shades of liver harmonizing with coat color. Fault--Unpigmented eye rims. Stop--Slightly accentuated. Muzzle--Tapering to complete the wedge shape of the head. Length equal to or slightly longer than the length of the skull from the occiput to stop. Whisker trimming optional. Nose--Darkly pigmented or varying shades of liver, harmonizing with coat color. Lips--Tight with good pigmentation. Bite--Scissors.

Nice profiles
Nice head profiles


Equilateral triangle

Lovely eyes, ear set and pigmentation, but the head is an equilateral triangle instead of the desired wedge shape


Correct expression

Excellent expression, correct eye shape

Snow noses

Good pigmentation

Good pigmentation is possible, even in a white dog

Narrow backskull

Backskull too narrow


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