Desirable height ranges from 20 to 24 inches, measured at the withers.
Desirable weight ranges from 40 to 55 pounds. Dogs are distinctively masculine in appearance compared to bitches and may be considerably larger.

Height 50 - 60 cm. (20 - 24 in.), males may be considerably larger than females.
Weight 18 - 25 kg. (40 - 55 lb.)

Size--Height at the withers is 20 to 24 inches for dogs and 19 to 23 inches for bitches. The ideal Canaan Dog lies in the middle of the stated ranges. Disqualifications--Dogs less than 20 inches or more than 25 inches. Bitches less than 18 inches or more than 23 inches. Substance--Moderate. Dogs generally weigh 45 to 55 pounds and bitches approximately 35 to 45 pounds. Dogs distinctly masculine without coarseness and bitches feminine without over-refinement.

Parade of Champions, 1996 ICDCA Specialty
The second dog from the left is a 23 inch bitch; the third dog is a 19 inch bitch; the first and fourth dogs are multiple BIS winners at 22 inches, and the fifth is a lovely 22 inch bitch.

small - average size

The bitch on the left is 19 inches and 33 pounds
Her daughter on the right is a more acceptable 20.5 inches and 42 pounds


size range
The third dog from the left is a 19 inch bitch and the fifth dog measures 24 inches, representing the range of the standards

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