The character of the Canaan Dog is based on their instinct for survival and sense of territoriality. They are extremely vigilant and alert, quick to react; distrustful of strangers, both human and animal; and strongly defensive but not naturally aggressive. Their first reaction, when confronted with an intruder is not to attack but to stay out of reach and bark continuously. Canaans of both sexes may be aggressive with other dogs, particularly in their own territory. Canaan Dogs are extraordinarily devoted and amenable to training but consider themselves the equal of those with whom they live. Canaans raised with children are very gentle with and extremely protective of them. Disqualification:Viciousness or extreme shyness. Wariness has great survival value, so Canaans often back off slightly when approached by a stranger. This aspect of Canaan temperament should not be penalized. However, dogs displaying extreme shyness, panic, or fear-biting should be disqualified. There is no place for this in domestic stock.

Alert, quick to react, distrustful of strangers, strongly defensive but not naturally aggressive. Vigilant not only against man but other animals as well. Extraordinarily devoted and amenable to training.

Alert, vigilant, devoted and docile with his family. Reserved and aloof with strangers. Highly territorial, serving as a responsive companion and natural guardian. Very vocal, persistent. Easily trained. Faults--Shyness or dominance toward people.

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They are also intelligent and diligent scavengers

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with children
easily trained

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