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Third Quarter 2016

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Genevieve Landis


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Genevieve Landis

Birth Date:

12 June 2009

I’ve never owned a dog that loves the show ring as much as Ricky does. He enjoys the travel, the people, the activity. Ricky’s first big show was a CDCA Specialty -- he won the puppy sweepstakes and picked up a 5-point major. From there, he went on to a UKC Specialty and was well on his way to another championship. Most recently, Ricky was BOB at the 2016 CDCA Specialty in Romulus, NY.
Ricky’s favorite lookout is on top of the patio table (only when not in use!). From there, he keeps a close watch on the surroundings. He’s very sociable, and enjoys being the centre of attention when there’s company. He’s always up for a car ride, no matter the destination.
Ricky’s litter was named after French explorer Samuel de Champlain, well-known in Canada (as the founder of Quebec City), and in New York and Vermont. The year Ricky was born, both states were commemorating the 400th anniversary of Champlain's exploration of the region. Ricky was named after Cardinal Richelieu, the powerful chief minister in the court of Louis XIII, and a strong advocate for Champlain. And since Harry, Ricky’s sire, is from Vermont, it seemed like the perfect theme!


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