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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2016

Elisheva me Shevet Knaanim


Heidi Rosin and Jeff Langford


AKC Ch. Cherrysh Hosea Prince Rock, RA, HC, VC


AKC Ch. Cherrysh Sing Hallelujah


Dennis and Maru Murphy

Birth Date:

27 September 2008

We rehomed Tess & Osh in September 2012. Initially we were only taking Osh, but decided pair-bonded siblings should stay together. Wow would Jeff and I have missed out! Tess is a gem. By the standard, she's a little undersized, but makes up for it with BIG personality. When Jeff gets home from work she can't contain her excitement and wiggles nose to tail and finishes with her honeybee shake. If we have both been gone and come in together she turns into a whirling dervish. She runs up and down the hall, into the living room, whirls around a couple time and repeats. She likes to terrorize her brother by baiting him with toys or a rawhide or jumping on him until he goes to his crate or (more often) plays with her. She takes a while to warm up to new people, but once she flips the switch look out because you will get the same greeting we do!


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