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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2017

AKC CH Eastland Salina So Special CGC RN


David Golden, Cynthia Dodson and Annette Israel


Dayspring Amos Anatoly


Arayl’s Saretta At Eastland


Annette Israel

Birth Date:

28 November 2005

Salina is a sweetheart—she loves people.  She’s always a hit at Meet the Breeds and similar events.  She was a loving mother to her own offspring and a patient surrogate with other puppies.  Salina is also pretty, very smart and, true to her breed, stubborn.  After earning her first rally novice leg, she unilaterally decided to take seven years off before resuming her rally career and quickly earning her title.   She then re-retired, walking out of the rally ring during the AKC National Championship week.  She then took up Barn Hunt, but was annoyed when she couldn’t actually get the rat.  Conformation is still fun, as long as the treats keep coming.  Salina is not big on delayed gratification.  Except for traveling.  She’ll happily drive for hours with the expectation of meeting some new admirers, a few treats, and sleeping on a nice hotel bed.


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