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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Second Quarter 2017

AKC GCH Sufat Sheleg Ziva bat Ash BN RN CA RATI CGC CDCA-HC, V


Carrie Franz


JK Maccabee Northern Warrior


D&J Ha'Aretz Northern Alchemy


Michelle Harrington

Birth Date:

12 August 2010

Ziva is my steady, stable, take-anywhere, do-anything Canaan Dog.  She embodies a regal versatility.  Not one for most foolishness, she does enjoy a good zoomie after a bath.  The conformation ring and "Meet the Breed" events are where she shines: where she can greet her adoring public, for surely everyone must love her!  As a mother the only adjective appropriate for Ziva is "superlative".  She seems to have passed on her lovely temperament, not to mention structure, to her puppies in her 3 litters; and even assumed mothering duties for Libi's puppies and patiently schooled and played with Ellie's pups.  Ziva is an excellent traveler who loves camping.  I look forward to hopefully many, many more years with my "ZivaZ".


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