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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Fourth Quarter 2017

UKC CH Cherrysh HaTikva Turkish Delight, CHIC


Talie Geretz


AKC CH HaTikva Cherrysh Desert Wolf CDCA-HC


AKC/UKC CH Cherrysh Day Star Diamond


Cheryl Hennings

Birth Date:

16 December 2010

Nutmeg’s litter was bred by Cheryl Hennings and raised by my mom, Alla Geretz. When I first met Nutmeg, I had looked into her little face and said "Mom, that one is special. Someday, she will be mine." Though I have known Nutmeg since the day she was born, it was not until five years later when I finished college that I was prepared to take care of a dog and was able to take Nutmeg to live with me. Nutmeg is both my first Canaan and my first dog.

Nutmeg has a way about her when she greets you at the door, making you feel like no matter how tough your day was, everything is okay now. Nutmeg has it under control. She is also the family couch potato, easily sitting through a Netflix binge without batting an eye or sprawling herself across the couch so you have nowhere to sit but snuggled up with her.

Both the family therapy dog and my personal little cheerleader, my life would not be the same without my little Nutmeg. I am forever grateful to my mom for raising her and keeping her happy and healthy until I could finally take her as my own.


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