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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
First Quarter 2018

UKC CH HaTikva TK Sweet Victory Melech


Tracey Kopea and Alla Geretz


AKC/UKC CH NBOB Kansas Late Day Sharav


UKC CH Cherrysh HaTikva Turkish Delight, CHIC


Alla Geretz

Birth Date:

14 September 2015

Pepper is a dog with a tremendous zest for life. He is exuberant in everything he does. He plays full throttle, patrols the yard diligently (for squirrels or the neighbor’s dog), waits for treats enthusiastically and always greets me as his long-lost love.

Pepper is also very intelligent and enjoys problem solving. For example, he figured out how to go to the door by climbing on the recliner, over the half-wall, then onto the kitchen table. When Pepper is not problem solving, he likes to watch TV by barking and growling whenever he sees animals or cartoons. He is likely warning those creatures on TV that he is not willing to share HIS house with them.

Just as he plays hard, Pepper relaxes just as completely. He is the only Canaan dog I know who regularly sleeps on his back with his legs straight up!

What I love the most every evening is how Pepper will watch me and when I call him over to me, he smiles and bounds over to me for loving!

We have been blessed to have Pepper share our home.

Pepper is co-owned with Alla Geretz


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